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Creative Hour Blocks

Welcome to our 'Creative Hour Blocks' where you can unlock the expertise of our dedicated professionals based on your specific design needs. We offer three flexible pricing tiers to accommodate your requirements:

- £60 per Hour for Artworking: Perfect for meticulous artworking tasks such as vector based work, signage based visual, retouching images, and ensuring precision in every detail.

- £70 per Hour for Designing: Ideal for creative design work, including web design, logo design, graphic design, and more. Our talented designers are here to bring your visions to life with flair and creativity.

- £80 per Hour for Prepressing: Ensure your print projects are executed flawlessly with our prepress experts. From colour correction to proofs and print-ready files, we take care of the technicalities, so you can focus on creativity.

Select the 'Creative Hour Blocks' that align with your project's requirements and budget. 
Regular price £60.00
Regular price £70.00
Regular price £80.00