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PrePress Time - £80 per Hour

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Pre-pressing Time - £80 per Hour

Unlock the power of seamless and professional print production with our Prepressing Time service, where Alex, our dedicated pre-presser, is at your service. Priced at just £80 per hour, this service covers a wide spectrum of essential prepressing tasks, ensuring your print projects are executed flawlessly.

Alex, our prepress expert, is ready to assist with every aspect of your print journey. Whether you're working on signage, promotional materials, or any other print collateral, our Prepressing Time service includes:

Signage Prepressing:
- Alex meticulously prepares your signage files, ensuring that every detail is optimized for flawless printing. From color accuracy to resolution, Alex handles all technical aspects to guarantee stunning results.

Print Production and Management:
- Alex oversees the entire print production process, from coordinating with trusted local printers to quality control and production management. Your project is in capable hands, ensuring timely delivery and superior quality.

Colour Correction:
- Alex applies advanced colour correction techniques to make your visuals truly pop. Your colours will be vibrant and consistent, creating a powerful impact.

Proofs and Print-Ready Files:
- Alex provides detailed proofs and print-ready files that undergo rigorous quality checks. You'll receive files that are meticulously prepared for a smooth and successful print run.

With our Prepressing Time service, you gain access to Alex, a professional dedicated to elevating your print projects. Whether you're a seasoned designer or new to the world of print, Alex's expertise and attention to detail ensure that your visuals are presented with precision and quality. Let Alex handle the technicalities, so you can focus on the creative aspects of your design. Purchase your pre-pressing time now and experience the difference of professional print preparation.

Note: We also offer invoice-based work, invoiced at the end of each job or calendar month, with 30-day payment terms. Please email for more details